EJUST Future Plan


Under Graduate Program 

 Planning for the establishment of undergraduate (UG) programs started when the strategic committee members visited Japan in July 2013. Based on the discussion with the Japanese partners and the committee, EJUST prepared UG program based on their discussion which was presented in the 10th BOT meeting. EJUST is planning to open three undergraduate programs in September 2017.



Humanity and Science Department 

 The planning for the establishment of the Business and Humanities Department for the UGs, which is one of uniqueness of EJUST, is still under preparation where our strategic committee members are developing its concept. The Basic and Applied Sciences Department is also under preparation for its starting period.


Campus Development


International Campus Design

Competition was held on 2010, and Isozaki and Aoki Associate (IAA) was selected as the winner. Although the development of the new campus has been delayed according to EJUST’s original plan due to the January 2011 revolution in Egypt, the dialogue with IAA was actively remodeled.  


Community Center Development 

EJUST is also planning on developing EJUST Community and Service Center which will be located right next to EJUST dormitory buildings in Borg El Arab. It will be utilized for the developing industrial relations as well as connecting with the local community. The tender for the contractor has just finished, and now the construction phase has started. The center is planning to be launched in 2016. Next to the community center, work will start in the solar power plant that was been docnated by the government of Japan. The station worth US$20 millions is expected to be operative by the end of the year 2016.