- A status of national and international recognition.

- A first class international academic institution known worldwide for the high standards of its educational system, the high standard of its graduates and for the achievements of its research centers.

- A world class center of excellence for higher education and research with regional and global reach.

- One of the top 500 international universities within 10 years.

- A success story and a living proof of the Egyptian and Japanese cooperation that promotes human development in the region and the world.





- To become a role model for graduate education and research institutions in Egypt by fostering the Japanese educational standards, policies, and systems. In this regard, EJUST will foster links of collaboration between the Egyptian and Japanese academic institutions.

- To award academic degrees to EJUST’s special graduates a high status of international recognition and accreditation certificates from local and international accrediting bodies.

- To contribute in the enhancement and improvement of human resources in the region, by providing high level educational system and to offer pragmatic and innovative solutions for human needs.

- To promote and support the establishment of a strong business, technical and commercial ties between Japanese industries and organizations, and their counterparts in countries and regions which are served by EJUST.





- To implement a state of the art educational system based on the Japanese academic concepts and founded on laboratory-based, project-based and problem-based learning system.

- To introduce a modern and advanced interdisciplinary academic programs.

- To establish Centers of Excellence for basic and applied research related to communities, industries and the environment.

- To promote multidisciplinary teamwork skills.

- To build partnerships with key Japanese academic and research institutions as well as industrial companies for conducting applied research that would expose the students and faculty members to the real life research activities, and getting them acquainted with the Japanese systems’ know-how and advanced technologies.

- To build strong interaction mechanisms with the local and regional industries.