Vision & Mission


Vision of the Center:

Leading center of quality assurance and accreditation in the development ofuniversity education and learning at the local, regional and international levels.Work with E-JUST faculties to achieve ongoing improvement and development which qualifies them to get institutional and academic accreditation for their programs from well-reputed and accredited local, national and international organizations.

Mission of the Center:

The development of the educational process at the university through the development of an integrated system of internal audit and self-evaluation and accreditation system in the light of local, national and international performance standards. This is done to achieve total quality and continuous improvement of the university educational system and to promote the quality level and competitiveness of the university education outputs. E-JUST can thus present itself as a distinguished university either on the national, Arab or international levels.

Objectives of the Center:

The Center and its units at the faculties aim at evaluating the university academic performance, developing the educational and research process, and enhancing community service and environmental development. They also aim at assisting for getting institutional accreditation for the university faculties and academic accreditation for all their programs through the following objectives:

Evaluating the educational process through assessing the performance indicators of the inputs and outputs of the educational process (staff members – personnel - students - graduates … etc).

Designing and preparing necessary evaluation forms and tools which must include evaluation mechanisms and standards and the procedures required for carrying out the evaluation system.

Disseminating the evaluation culture among staff members and students through holding seminars, workshops and training courses concerned with the evaluation of university performance and quality assurance.

Exchanging experiences and ideas regarding the development of university education with similar centers and units at Egyptian, Arab and international universities to benefit by them in achieving the desired development.

Establishing a data base and integrated files for all the academic programs and courses for all academic degrees awarded by the university as a preliminary step toward accrediting what meets international standards and specialized local and international organizations.

Identifying the weaknesses and strengths in academic potentialities and programs offered by the university, offering the suitable suggestions and means to overcome the weaknesses, and making action plans including schedules, responsibilities and the potentialities required for achieving it.

Monitoring the development of different faculties and their programs and regulations to put their graduates in a distinguished position among the graduates of counterpart faculties at other universities.

Creating communication channels with national and international organizations concerned with evaluating and assuring the quality of university education to exchange experiences to improve the performance of the educational process at the university.

Preparing and monitoring the training workshops which contribute to the application of internal quality assurance mechanisms and the vocational development of staff members, especially the training programs of completing academic courses and program files and using the internet and advanced technology in the educational process.

Strengthen the establishment of units to ensure quality in all faculties, and supervise these units technically and provide advice to conduct studies on the establishment of the internal systems of quality assurance.

Propose a system and criteria for prizes and incentives for outstanding performance in the field of education, research and community service, as well as in various administrative areas in a competitive framework at the university level, and the level of colleges and administrative units.

Raise awareness among faculty members and the scientific community and local stakeholders that the various educational programs offered by E-JUST are compatible with international standards, regional and national.