E-JUST Campus Map


E-JUST is deploying the activity over three areas; E-JUST Temporal Main Campus, E-JUST Research Center and City of Scientific Research and Technological Application (SRTA-City).



 1) E-JUST Temporal Main Campus

 The main E-JUST campus contains educational facility, administrative facility and accommodation for all its students and staff.

  - Administrative Building

  - Sakura Building (JICA Project Office, Japanese University Office etc)

  - Academic Laboratories and Class Room

  - Technology Management Department (Common Analysis Center etc)

  - Library

  - Accommodation

  - E-JUST Guest House

  - Mosque


2) E-JUST Research Center 

Research building was inaugurated in September 2014 in the compound of E-JUST future campus area. It contains diverse highly equipped laboratories. The research center serves for activities which require workshops with heavy equipment and laboratory needs as well as chemical experiments.  

  Currently the Research Center contains the following:

  - Environment Engineering Department

  - Material Science and Engineering Department

  - Microscope Center

  - Workshop Center


 3) City of Scientific Research and Technological Application (SRTA-City)

 In order to enhance the collaboration with SRTA City in the field of scientific research, EJUST president office, meeting room and some laboratories are located in the SRTA City.

 - President Office

 - President Office Meeting Room

 - Material Science and Engineering Laboratory

 - Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Laboratory