Industrial Relation


Services to Industry:

1- Technical and engineering consultations: CINTECH pools equipment and capabilities with skilled
    Competencies, the know-how and the technological processes to provide powerful, innovative
    and impactful solutions for designing and manufacturing. We support design, analysis,
    prototyping, technology and process transfer to commercial and non-profit partners and
    consulting services for equipment selection.

2- Research and development (R&D): CINTECH provides technical expertise for new product or process
    development, utilizes university testing facilities and equipment for new products or processes and
    develops solutions to comply with changing legislation

3- Training courses: Tailored theoretical and onsite training of your choose. (See fileds of expertise)

4- Using university labs equipment by industry and researchers against fees. (See university equipment)


 Services to Academia and Inventors:

 1. Patent services for academics and students: Protecting university invented knowledge and ideas
     throughout patents, copyrights and industrial designs >>>See Patenting Your Invention!

 2. Facilitate commercialization of inventions: Marketing and licensing E-JUST inventions to industry
     partners for development of useful products and services.


 Fields of Expertise:


 CINTEC enjoys multiple areas of industrial expertise:

 1- Productivity and quality improvement

 2- Project Management

 3- Reverse engineering

 4- Energy efficiency

 5- Renewable energy

 6- Industrial waste management

 7- Petrochemicals engineering

 8- Nanotechnology

 9- Robotics engineering

 10- Electronics and communications engineering