E-JUST has been established through partnership between governments of Egypt and Japan. One of its aims is to transfer Japanese technology to Egyptian market with concentration on industrial applications. In this context, CINTECH was established to act as the core organization for promoting university-industry collaborations at E-JUST. In order to be part of a larger community, CINTECH entered into partnership with Technology Innovation Commercialization Office TICO at Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ASRT, Egypt. The partnership supports CINTECH throughout training, networking with other TICO partners and technical support in patents and prototypes.


 The center serves industry via range of client-driven services some of which technical consultations, joint researches and R&D based on protection of intellectual property rights. CINTECH contributes to community development by supporting SMEs of Borg El-Arab and makes university stat-of-the art labs equipments available to industry.


 Vision and Mission



 To lead the way of serving industrial community in Alexandria and nationwide starting from Borg EL-Arab.



 To have substantial contribution to industry and economy at large by transferring technology, strengthening intellectual property environment, linking academia with industry and transferring Japanese experience. All this will be through qualified Egyptians and Japanese experts.



 1- Promoting collaboration between the University and Industry;

 2- Transferring Technology to Industry throughout providing technical consultancy, commercialization and research and development; and

 3- Supporting SMEs by enhancing its competitiveness and productivity through state-of-the-art engineering solution.


 Contact us:

 Center of Innovative Technology (CINTECH)

 Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology (E-JUST)

 Office #1, Building #1, University campus

 P.O. Box 179, New Borg El-Arab City Postal Code 21934, Alexandria, Egypt

 Tel.: (03) 45 99 814

 Fax: (03) 45 99 814

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