Service Contents


CINTEC currently consists of 4 offices which are:

1- Industry Liaison Office:

- Induce industry to engage with E-JUST in longer term research projects;

- Conduct market studies to determine industry needs of scientific research;

- Determine economic feasibility of innovative ideas; and

- Sustain and develop relationship with the industry.


Offices in partnership with TICO 


 2- Technology Transfer Office:

 - Evaluate inventions to assess commercialization options;

 - Decide on granting Licenses and licensing strategies;

 - Assess, jointly with industry liaison unit, university inventions for commercial potential and implements
   appropriate forms for intellectual property protection to maximize industry interest; and

 - Marketing and licensing E-JUST inventions to industry partners for development of useful
    products and services.


 3- Technology, Innovation Support Center

 - Create a university environment that encourages the generation of new knowledge by faculty,
    staff, and students;

 - Develop appropriate protection and transfer strategies to maximize the value and usage of
    E-JUST intellectual property;

 - Protect university invented knowledge and ideas throughout patents, copyrights, trademarks
    and trade secrets; and

 - Eliminate the infringement, improper exploitation and abuse of the University's intellectual
    assets belonging to the University or the other persons.


 4- Grants, International Cooperation Office

 - Support and advise E-JUST academic community in securing external support for sponsored
    projects and collaborations;

 - Provide comprehensive support to members of E-JUST research community engaged in the
    preparation and submission of research proposals;

 - Manage awards, including all non-financial administration, compliance issues, reporting
    oversight and administrative    project close out; and

 - Responsible for ensuring all research proposals and projects adhere to E-JUST academic
    and research policies and    meet its obligations to external sponsors.