Research-Work Programs in Supporting Japanese Universities



- To allow E-JUST Ph.D. students to conduct part of their thesis research work in advanced research
   environment through collaboration with Japanese Supporting University.

- To allow E-JUST Ph.D. students to learn Japanese engineering education and research culture and
   transfer it to the universities in Egypt in the future.

- To nurture the leaders who lead Egyptian academic society through acquiring experience from different
   cultures in the global society.


 Place of study

 - The place of study is basically selected from JSUC (Japanese Supporting University Consortium)

- JSUC is consists of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University, Kyoto University, Kyushu
   University, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Keio University, Tokyo University, Nagoya University,
   Kyoto Institute of Technology, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka University.

- Other countries than Japan may be considered if it is not possible to find a host university / laboratory
   (kenkyushitsu) in Japan, only if it is recommended by the main-supervisor and the representative of the
   JSUC counterpart university.


 Duration and Period

 - The duration of staying in Japan is 6 months basically.

 - The starting period of research-work at the Japanese Supporting University shall not be earlier than the
    completion of Ph.D. student's (i) course work requirements (ii) TOEFL 550 requirement and (iii) has at
    least one journal or conference paper ; published or accepted for publication.

- The end of the research-work at the Japanese Supporting University shall be no later than the end of the
   first semester of the third year of Ph.D. program (i.e. end of the 5th semester) and students must return to 
   E-JUST at least six months prior to the graduation.

- The duration and period, described in the research plan, must be approved and fixed by the Japanese
   Supporting University which hosts the student. The duration shall principally not be extended.


 Financial Support

   MoHE provides the following support for E-JUST Ph.D. Students in Japan:

  - A round trip airline ticket (Egypt-Japan-Egypt) for the Ph.D. student.

  - Monthly stipend covering the student accommodations, personal expenses, etc.

  - Cost for National Health Insurance in Japan (Kokumin-kenko-hoken)


 Application Requirements

   The Ph.D. student must meet the following conditions when he / she applies to this program:

  - Has a Co-supervisor / Advisor from the supporting Japanese university.

  - Has research plan approved by Supervisor and Co-supervisor / Advisor in Japan

  - Has a TOEFL score minimum 550 (=TOEFL iBT79 or IELTS6.5).

 - Has finished all course works requirements.

 - Has at least one journal or conference paper ; published or accepted for publication.


 Model Work Plan for PhD in E-JUST




  “The conference” must be well recognized in the academic society with review/evaluation system