Computer Science and Engineering Department



The department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) aims to rigorously prepare students for careers at the frontier of CSE research, teaching and industry by providing advanced knowledge, both in theory and application on the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice computer hardware and software systems. The versatility and advanced skills of CSE graduates are becoming increasingly valuable for crafting smarter solutions for safer, more efficient and resilient Information-based systems, especially in areas of Computer System Design, Embedded System Design, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Software Systems, Intelligent Systems, Cyber Security, Cyber-Physical Systems, etc.


To be recognized as a world leader in modeling and simulating very large-scale real-life problems addressing socioeconomic needs responsibly, and developing and evaluating new theory and solutions utilizing intelligent and high performance computing, hybrid networking, data-intensive computing, and cyber-physical system integrations.
To influence and meaningfully contribute to the research and innovation directions in computer science and engineering as well as related computing-enabled fields.
To establish self-sustaining centers of excellence emphasizing cross-disciplinary research and technology transfer activities with academic, governmental and industrial partners at the local, regional and international levels, particularly with our Japanese partners.


To provide a high-quality research and innovation environment and a cadre of researchers having international reputation.
To prepare future researchers able to make significant contribution to society and able to establish and lead transformative research programs sourced in Egypt.
To give an equal opportunity for students from all countries to pursue graduate computer science and engineering education.


In-depth knowledge of a specialization area within Computer Science and Engineering, while remaining familiar with allied areas.
Competence in performing independent and collaborative research, in communicating effectively, and in learning independently.
Advance the state of research at E-JUST, in Egypt, and in the region.
Advance the state-of-the-art in the specialized fields of Computer Science and Computer Engineering.
Enhance the relationship between university and industry by finding solutions to engineering problems through research.



    Hardware Systems

  • Multi-core processors, Low Power High Performance computing, Parallelizing Compiler, Supercomputer, Scheduling Algorithms, Parallel processing, Traffic Management and Control, Cloud Computing.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Location determination systems, Wireless security, Mobile Healthcare. Embedded Systems and Distributed Computing.

    Software Systems
  • Design and Implementation of Programming Languages, Formal Verification.
  • Intelligent Systems: Multi-Agent Systems, Computer Vision, Natural Language Understanding, Machine learning, Soft Computing (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, biologically inspired search and optimization techniques).
  • Bioinformatics.

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Research Areas

1.Computer Systems Research

Many core processors: high performance computing, heterogeneous systems/accelerators, green technologies, parallelising compilers, cloud computing.

Mobile computing, location determination systems, wireless mobile networks, wireless sensor networks: embedded systems, distributed computing, security.


2.Software Systems research

Parallel software and program verification: parallel programming models, reliable software

Machine Learning/ Knowledge discovery and data mining,  AI and multi-agent systems

Computer Vision / Pattern Recognition/ Natural Language Understanding