School of Energy, Environment and Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering


The School of Energy, Environment and Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering at E-JUST aims to provide high quality graduate education and training, conduct high quality research and provide technical services, with a view to meeting societal needs for the development and deployment of efficient, economical and sustainable environmental and energy services. The school includes two department; Department of Energy Resources and Environmental Engineering and Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals Engineering.

Depletion of traditional fuel and the exponential increase of energy use make energy resources a very important issue for all nations in the world. In addition, the increasing knowledge of the effects of combustion in global warming and the harmful effect to mankind had increased the awareness on the importance of Environmental Engineering. Excessive consumption of fossil fuels and Environmental Degradations are the greatest threat to our planet this century. In addition, a complete understanding of Energy Resources on the Global Scale and the interactions between the human activities in the energy field and the environment had become crucial. Tools for addressing such situations include but are not limited to Energy Management, Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Energy Resources and Environment Protection using cost effective methods as Cleaner Production, Best Available Technology, etc. which are becoming important subjects for graduate courses that was not considered in the past. It is believed that the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in E-JUST will contribute to the understanding of such subjects.

This graduate study program is intended to prepare students to carry out basic and applied scientific research in the fields relevant to chemical and petrochemical industries, in order to develop new products and/or improve the properties of existing products. Also the student should be able to understand, realize and apply the basic principles of clean and green technology in the design and running different industrial units for producing different chemical and petrochemical goods.

It presents a wide range of knowledge on environmental engineering applications, deep understanding for theories of design and code of practice, which is applied in the fields of degradation in natural resources, water supply systems, integrated wastewater treatment, solid waste management and air quality. Through the graduate program, students will be acquainted with environmental surveying, recognizing sources of pollution, identifying low cost technologies and principles of sustainable developments both on national and international levels.