Ambassador Fayza Aboulnaga

BOT Chairperson,former minister of planning and international cooperation(SINCE 9TH BOT MEETING)

DR. Ismail Serageldin

Founding Director Emeritus Library of Alexandria (Since First BoT Meeting)(Re-appointed on 9th BoT Meeting)(Re-appointed on 18th BoT Meeting)

Dr. Sherine Hassan Abbas HELMY

Vice Chairman of Pharco Pharmaceuticals Company (Since 9th BoT Meeting) (Re-appointed on 18th BoT Meeting)

Prof Mahmoud Mohamed SAKR

President of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) (Since 9th BoT Meeting) (Re-appointed on 18th BoT Meeting)

Prof Hany HELAL

Former Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research (Since 19th BoT Meeting)

Prof. Mohamed Mostafa LOTAYEF

Secretary General Supreme Council of Universities (Since 20th BoT Meeting)

Eng Mohamed Abdelgayed ELARABY

Chief Operations Officer El Araby Group (Renewed 14th BoT) Replaced Mr Medhat Elaraby on 20th Meeting

Prof. Abdelaziz H. KONSOWA

President Alexandria University (Since 22nd BoT Meeting)

Ambassador/ Omar SELIM

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Cultural Affairs (Since 23rd BoT Meeting)

Ms. Shaimaa Beheiry

Senior Technical Officer - Asian Affairs Technical Office of the Minister of International Cooperation (Since 24th BoT Meeting)

Board of Trustees Members’ List of Japanese Side

Prof. Dr. SHIRAI Katsuhiko

Honorary Advisor, Professor Emeritus of Waseda University (Since First BoT Meeting) (Re-appointed on 8th, 13th BoT, and 21st Meeting)

Prof. NAGATA Kyosuke 

President University of Tsukuba (Since 16th BoT Meeting) (Renewed 23rd BoT Meeting)

Prof. MASU Kazuya

President Tokyo Institute of Technology (Appointed 17th BoT Meeting)

Prof. OCHI Mitsuo

President Hiroshima University (Appointed 19th BoT Meeting)

Prof.NAKATANI Yoshio

President Ritsumeikan University (Appointed 19th BoT Meeting)

Prof. ISHIBASHI Tatsuro

President Kyushu University (Since 21st BoT Meeting)


Chairman of the Board TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION (Since 21st BoT Meeting)

Ms. IMOTO Sachiko

Senior Vice President Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) (Since 23rd BoT Meeting)

H. E. Ambassador OKA Hiroshi

Ambassador-designate of Japan to the Arab Republic of Egypt (Since 23rd BoT Meeting)


Assistant Minister / Director-General for International Affairs (Since 24tt BoT Meeting)

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