Grand Mufti Visits E-JUST, Emphasizes the Importance of Renewing Religious Discourse to Build Youth Awareness


The Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) organized an educational seminar yesterday titled "Renewing Religious Discourse and Building Youth Awareness." The event was held under the auspices and in the presence of the university's president, Prof. Amr Adly, and featured a lecture by Grand Mufti Prof. Shawki Allam, who is also the President of the General Secretariat for Fatwa Authorities Worldwide. The seminar was attended by the university's vice presidents, deans, and a large number of students from various faculties. Prof. Adly explained that the seminar is part of the university's commitment to educating students and safeguarding their minds through organizing informative events that focus on human development, awareness building, and instilling values of loyalty and belonging. During the seminar, Grand Mufti Prof. Shawki Allam emphasized that renewing religious discourse has become a vital necessity and a cultural imperative in this era. He warned that the lack of awareness is a dangerous weapon used by the enemies of religion to spread extremism and terrorism, targeting youth and manipulating their minds. The Mufti also noted that Islamic Teachings are not in conflict with scientific research and experimentation, provided they do not contradict the principles of Sharia. The seminar concluded with an open dialogue between the Mufti and the students, during which he answered their questions. Prof. Adly presented a university shield to the Grand Mufti as a token of appreciation, and commemorative photos were taken with the attendees.