Welcome Message

E-JUST is a special national university established under an intergovernmental agreement between Japan and Egypt. Egypt is not only the cradle of human civilization, but even today it is a leading country in the Arab and African countries and has many famous universities. A major feature of E-JUST compared to those universities is the Japanese style education and research. At E-JUST, instead of one-way lectures in large classrooms, we create an environment where professors and students learn while having close contact with each other. This kind of method enables hands-on learning using the latest equipment in science and engineering. In addition, in the humanities and social sciences, we will provide opportunities to generate new ideas through interactions among professors and students. E-JUST, which started with just 30 engineering graduate students in 2010, has now grown into a comprehensive university with thousands of undergraduate students. With a modern, well-sized campus and faculty from all over the world, the university has grown in a decade to become one of the leading universities in Egypt and the Arab world. And it continues to grow. We are aiming to be a world class center of excellence for higher education and research.

Regional and International Affairs office is responsible for implementing E-JUST’s strategy to deal with regional and international opportunities which our university encounters. It includes activities to raise E-JUST’s stature, concluding MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) for further cooperation with foreign universities, institutions or industries, encouraging international students to study in E-JUST, etc. From the point of regional affairs, E-JUST aims to be a role model of higher education in Egypt with the support of Egyptian universities, also, to be the center of cultures (Arabic, African, Japanese, Egyptian, etc.), science, technology in the region.

Through gaining international alliances and opening doors to international students, E-JUST works on achieving its vision of becoming a first-class international academic arena known worldwide.

E-JUST welcomes international students, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, to benefit from the high educational standards it offers. Our students enjoy an international learning environment that supports research and innovation.

Join E-JUST and help shape a gateway for one of a kind educational and cultural experience in Africa and the Middle East. Please have a good look at our websites and try to overlap it with your future. Entering E-JUST is not easy, but it is well worth the challenge. The best professors, the best staffs, the best campus, the best facilities, and the best curriculum await you, the best students!

Prof. Shuji Hashimoto
First Vice-President for International and Regional Affairs