Faculties and Schools

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) is a research university with an ambition to cultivate an academic environment and become a benchmark for the Egyptian and African countries in education.

Facultuies and Schools

School of Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering (ECCE)

The School of Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering provides a wide range of courses that are critical to provide pathways for students to gain exposure to the latest advanced practices in the field of electronics, communications and computer engineering. The school includes two departments; Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering and Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

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School of Energy Resources, Environmental, Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering (EECE)

The School of Energy Resources, Environmental, Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering (EECE) aims to provide high quality graduate education, training, and high quality research.

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School of Innovative Design Engineering (IDE)

The Innovative Design Engineering school of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology includes three departments: Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and Material Science and Engineering. The school offers a wide selection of graduate and undergraduate programs that allow the students to choose among them according to their preferences.

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Institute of Basic and Applied Science (BAS)

BAS Institute at its first phase is offering five interdisciplinary research programs that include Nanoscience, Biotechnology, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Energy Materials and Space Environment. To become a first class international academic institution for its interdisciplinary basic and applied research, and for the high standard of its graduate's skills and competencies.

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Faculty of International Business and Humanities (FIBH)

At FIBH our vision is to create a distinct world class centre of excellence for business and humanities education and research. Our Faculty's idea supports this vision by offering a better higher education and research for students, academic staff and researchers in the region and beyond. By providing pioneering new interdisciplinary fields, we aim to deepen the understanding of business and humanities issues while catering up-to date technologies which is required to create a sustainable society in The Middle East and Africa.

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Computer Science and Information Technology Programs

Our vision is to be a leading national and international programs enriching lives and shaping the future through the integration between computer science, information systems, computer networks, cyber security, and bioinformatics.

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Sustainable Architecture Program

This program examines issues of sustainability in cities and the ways in which the students can plan and act to achieve more sustainable cities. And how to adopt the city urban planning to the climate change. It develops the scientific capabilities for the students in this specialty.

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Pharm D Program

Integration between applied science disciplines, Japanese and regional pharmaceutical industries, and organizations to develop sustainable solutions to problems that have been identified and that require the knowledge and resources available at E-JUST

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Art and Design Program

EJUST Art & Design Programs (AnD) has a distinctive innovative approach towards the ultimate creativity that define and challenge modern problems, innovate to create curious and resourceful effective solutions through distinguished inspired designs. We prepare our Art & Design students for a world that is full of opportunities for designers, and enable them to combine practical, hands-on making with creative thinking while deploy flexibility of approach within well-established disciplines to turn their ideas into reality.

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