School of Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering (ECCE)

I’m delighted to welcome you to School of Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering (ECCE) web site. The information you’ll find here is designed to paint as complete a picture as possible of our programs, our project based multidisciplinary approach as well as our research activities. If you still have questions after visiting the site, there are friendly people throughout our Departments, who’ll be pleased to provide you with answers.

I have made a commitment as Dean to encourage our students and professors to be innovative, to be entrepreneurial, to adopt best practices and to be willing to take risks. I also counsel everyone at our School to explore new avenues of support and to work collaboratively within E-JUST, throughout academe and in partnership with the broader community that we serve.

In the ECCE School, we endeavor not just to equip our students with their chosen engineering field’s fundamentals, but also to make them competent users and developers of technology to generate solutions that address national and international needs. The curricula includes courses to prepare our graduates for practice in electronics, communications and computing fields of specializations. These are the fields of electronics-based technologies, control and embedded systems as applied to the electrical industry; wireless communications; signal, image and video processing, microwave and antenna; instrumentation and control, power electronics, microelectronics, embedded systems, computer and information technology systems as well as electrical energy generation, transmission, distribution and utilization.

Whether you are student or professor, alumnus or employee, future partner or someone who simply wants to know more about E-JUST School of Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering, I hope that your visit to our web site will prove informative and useful.

Warm regards,

Prof. Adel Bedair
Dean of School of Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering