Voice of Students

Joseck Nyaporo, Kenya. (IEM)

“Being a researcher and aspiring entrepreneur, E-JUST became my choice because of its strong foundation in academic research which borrow similarities from Japan, one of the strongest economies. The laboratories are fully equipped with world-class up to date technology a prerequisite for innovation.Despite E-JUST being a young university, it has made formidable strides in integrating research and co-curricular activities”.

Mubarak G. Abdu-Aguye, Nigeria. (CSE)

“I’ve found E-JUST to be a highly focused and highly engaging University. The learning experience is very rich and personalized and there’s an emphasis on meticulous and qualitative work efforts. My plan after graduation is to work in both Academia and Industry. I think my experience at E-JUST has helped in the sense that I have gained theoretical insights and practical skills which I feel fairly capable of passing onto any potential students I might have. In addition, I’ve also had the pleasure of observing how these skills are used in solving real-world problems here in Egypt. I feel that some of these experiences can translate directly if applied to solve problems in my own country/region”

Meshack Hawi, Kenya (ERE)

“I was encouraged to apply to E-JUST by The visit to Kenya by E-JUST team to promote E-JUST academic programs and its ongoing plans to make E-JUST an academic hub in the region. E-JUST is a Great university with good academic programs, ultra-modern research equipment and facilities, highly qualified faculty members and potential for growth. The university has a very hospitable community of very supportive staff, members of faculty and colleagues. There is also immense support from JICA to many graduate students from the whole of Africa, a great opportunity for all African countries to develop capacity in Engineering research, training and education.”