Egyptian-Japanese Universities Strengthen Scientific Collaboration through Visits, Agreements, and Practical Training Opportunities.


Dr. Amr Adly, President of the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, stated that the university is committed to enhancing collaboration with major universities in Japan to support scientific research. He emphasized the importance of this collaboration in supporting the local industry and increasing its added value to the economy. During his visit to Japan in May, Dr. Adly visited Hiroshima University and toured the centers of excellence, particularly those related to the electronics industry and support for the automotive industry. He also discussed ways to enhance cooperation with Professor Mitsuo Ouchi, President of Hiroshima University.

In addition, Dr. Adly visited Ritsumeikan University and toured some of its centers of excellence, which support the Egyptian-Japanese University in various academic and administrative fields. An agreement was signed to renew and increase cooperation between the two universities.

Dr. Adly also noted that, as part of the university's support for practical training for students in major Japanese factories, an agreement was signed to provide opportunities for engineering students at the Egyptian-Japanese University to be trained in Yokogawa Denshi factories in Japan.

The accompanying delegation included Dr. Suzuki Masaki, Vice President of the University for International Relations and Regional Affairs, Dr. Okano Takashi, Chief Representative of JICA at the Egyptian-Japanese University Project, and Noha Afifi, Director of the Innovation Technology and Industry Development Center at the Egyptian-Japanese University.