Egypt Japan University Students Honored for International Certificates in Accounting and Auditing


Four students from the Faculty of Business Administration and Humanities at the Egyptian Japanese University received international certificates in the field of accounting and auditing from the United Kingdom.

Dr. Amr Adly, the President of the Egypt Japan University for Science and Technology, honored the students: Omar Ayad, Farah Alaa, Malik Sharif, and Khaloud Maghrabi, for obtaining international certificates in International Financial Reporting Standards, which are awarded by one of the most important associations worldwide for the preparation of accountants and auditors in the United Kingdom. Adly stated that the university takes pride in its academically outstanding students who elevate the university's reputation in international forums.

He explained that the university invests in Japanese expertise to equip graduates with the skills required to seize local and international job opportunities.

The students' obtained certificates are called 'Certificates in International Financial Reporting Standards' and are issued by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom, which is considered one of the most significant associations globally for the preparation of accountants and auditors.