Summer Program for Foreign Students: Exploring Egyptian Culture and Language at E-Just


Dr. Amr Adly, the President of the Egyptian Japanese University for Science and Technology, stated that as part of the university's organization of the Summer Program for Foreign Students in 2023, which is organized by the Office of International and Regional Relations in cooperation with the Center for Liberal Arts and Culture at the university, the university will host a delegation of foreign students consisting of 26 students, including 20 female students and 6 male students. He clarified that 25 of them are Japanese students, in addition to one student of Chinese nationality. The program will take place from August 13th to 24th, 2023, and it aims to study the Arabic language, explore Egyptian culture and civilization, and visit important landmarks in Alexandria and Cairo.

The university president emphasized that the participating Japanese students come from reputable universities in Japan, such as Osaka University, Ritsumeikan University, Sophia University, Tsukuba University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and Kyushu University. He added that during the program, the university is keen to provide a variety of academic, cultural, and recreational activities for the foreign students to enhance cultural and scientific exchange, as well as practice the Arabic language through their participation with Egyptian students in various interactive activities and educational lectures.