E-JUST Student wins first place in the National Modern Pentathlon Championship for juniors


Dr. Hatem Mahmoud, the supervisor of student activities at the Egypt Japan University for Science and Technology, announced the victory of student Khaled Tarek Al-Am, a Pharmacy program "Pharma-D," in first place in the National Modern Pentathlon Championship for junior level.

Prof. Amr Adly, the university president, congratulated the student Khaled Tarek for achieving first place in the championship, stating that the university provides all the facilities to support and care for outstanding students in sports. It has a number of top-level sports fields, training halls, and coaches.

Prof. Adly added that the university administration is keen on supporting student activities in scientific, literary, artistic, and sports fields to contribute to the students' personal development and enhance their competitiveness. The university also focuses on discovering and nurturing talented students, as well as providing scholarships for academic and athletic excellence.

Dr. Hatem Mahmoud explained that modern pentathlon is a complex sport consisting of five disciplines that a single player performs in one day. The pentathlon includes shooting, fencing with a saber, swimming, equestrian, and cross-country running.