New Postgraduate Students Orientation at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology


The main campus of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology hosted the New Postgraduate Students Orientation event. Thus orientation aims to familiarize new students with the university and its various faculties, as well as the academic programs that prepare graduates for their future academic career and/or the job market. The event, included speeches by Prof. Amr Adly, E-JUST president, Prof. Hashimoto Shuji, First Vice President for International and Regional Affairs, Prof. Sameh Nada, Vice President for Education and Academic Affairs, Prof. Fukuda, Vice President of Academic Research, and Dr. Okano Takasei, JICA Chief Advisor for the E-JUST office. These speeches were intended to support and guide the new postgraduate students, helping them transition smoothly into their academic journey and empowering them to make the most of their time at the university.

Dr. Haitham Suleiman, representing the graduate association, and Yusuf Najim, representing the postgraduate students, also delivered speeches. These speeches provided valuable advice and shared experiences to assist the new students in their academic journey.