The Second Arab Conference on Intellectual Property: Combating Piracy and Commercial Fraud in Collaboration between E-JUST and the Arab Administrative Development Organization.


Under the patronage of the minister of Higher Education, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Arab Administrative Development Organization, is organizing the Second Arab Conference on Intellectual Property.  
The conference will be held on October 23rd and 24th and will witness the participation of more than 100 participants and experts in the field of intellectual property from 12 Arab countries.
Prof. Adel Al Senn, Director of the Liberal Arts and Culture Center at E-JUST and the General Coordinator of the conference, explained that the main objective of the conference is to shed light on various aspects of piracy and commercial fraud crimes, highlighting their diverse manifestations and their negative impact on the economies of countries. Mechanisms for combating these crimes will also be presented through the presentation of Arab and international experiences in this regard. Additionally, the conference will introduce specialized agencies in the field of combating piracy and commercial fraud and emphasize the importance of international cooperation in this context.
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