Vice President of Egypt-Japan University Explores Collaborative Opportunities in Africa, Advocating TICAD 8 Scholarships


Dr. Samah Nada, Vice President of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) for Academic and Education Affairs, undertook a visit to 7 African universities in Tanzania and Uganda. The purpose of the visit was to promote awareness of the TICAD 8 scholarships provided by the university to African students and to explore avenues for strengthening collaborative efforts in the realms of scientific research and the enrollment of students in postgraduate studies.

Throughout these visits, the Vice President of the university emphasized the scholarship opportunities offered by E-JUST to bolster development in Africa. The university is extending 150 TICAD 8 scholarships for master's and doctoral studies to African students in the fields of engineering, basic sciences, and applied sciences. Notably, these scholarships encompass tuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses.

Dr. Moataz Abdel Wahab, Assistant Vice President of the university for Regional and International Relations, participated in the visits, along with a representative from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).