Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)

الجامعة المصرية اليابانية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا‎


  • {E-JUST designed and manufactured an electric car}

    {The Egyptian Japanese University of Science and Technology designed and manufactured an electric car by Ali Mustafa Mahmoud, under the supervision of the Student Mobility Club, and in partnership with the Egyptian Japanese University business incubator. Externally against shocks, a safety belt for the driver, front and rear lights, as well as a speedometer, to deepen the local industry and increase the participation of the local product, most of the materials used for manufacturing were made of locally made products and raw materials. Regarding the dimensions of the car, it came with a total length of 2 m, width 1.4 m, and 0.6 m height, sufficient for one person. The car was supplied The motor has a capacity of 1200 watts and works at a voltage of 60 volts, which is enough to reach a maximum speed of 50 km / h. The motor is fed by a battery of 60 volts - 20 amps / h, which is enough to make the car capable of covering a distance of 40 km on a single charge. The car was provided with a sufficient fast charger To charge the battery within one hour.}


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