Procedures and deadlines

1. Selection Procedure

  • Announcement: for E-JUST graduates programs are carried out directly in different universities to students and Faculties (Sending letters and emails to faculties of science), in official newspapers and E-JUST web site Starting from May 1st , 2024.
  • Submission of Application Form: Required documents' submission including selection of three research topics in one department prioritized by the applicant. The applicant is recommended to select one-to-three topics from only one research track of his/her interest and/or related to his/her experience. This recommendation is by no means an obligation to the applicant. Applicants from governmental universities should submit official agreements of the related academic departments.
  • Primary Screening: E-JUST internal work including documents classification and analyses for inviting applicants for entrance exam and interviews.
  • Written Examination and Interview: including presentation of research proposals.
  • Final Result Announcement: after analyzing entrance exam and interviews results.
  • Registration: after submission of all required original documents, applicant is academically accepted as E-JUST student.



Due date


Application Submission

May 30, 2024


Primary Screening Announcement

June 25, 2024


Written Examination and Interview

July 1 – July 3, 2024


Final Result Announcement

July 31, 2024


Deadline to Submit the Admission Requirements

August 14, 2024



October 1 – October 3, 2024


Start of Fall 2023 Lectures

October 6, 2024