Grants history starting from 2014 to 2022 is shown. The accepted ones or active one are summed up in the graph. The number is counted by the starting year.

The current active grants are supported by the following agencies.

Grant List in 2022:

Fund Name Project title PI Co PI Dept Year
STIFA Securing the Vehicular Internet-of-Things (VIoT) in Smart Cities Ahmed Abd El-Malek Mohammed Abo-Zahhad ECE 2021
STIFA Utilization of date palm residues in Egypt to biodegradable plastic production for reducing marine plastic litter Ahmed Abdelmawgod Dr. Ahmed Hassanein, Dr. Mohamed Gepreel BAS 2022
ASRT Tailoring Epitope Specific Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Theragnosis of Brucellosis Prof Hossam Sayour, Animal Health Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center Prof. Ahmed FathEl-Bab MTR 2022
ASRT A combined fuel and power (CFP) production system from Agri-food industry wastes design fabrication and testing Ahmed Elwardany Dr. Mohamed Rashad (Alex Uni) ERE 2022
ASRT Fabrication of low cost water filter using novel wast okastic based composite membrane for dual water purification process Hussein Elnoby Dr. Ismail Elfakharany (ASRT), Dr. Ahmed Elshazly, Dr. Marwa Elkady CPE 2022
British Council Capacity Building in Egypt for Enhancing Water Availability, Food Security and Renewable Energy Using MOF Adsorption Heat Pumps Marwa Elkady CPE 2022
ASRT Dragon Incubator (National Technology Incubators program (INTILAC) Wael Khair Edin Mahmoud Ismail, Noha Afifi, Rania Sabry Incubator Center 2022
British Council Higher Education Going Global partnership programme Global Project Semester (GPS) Sobhy Abdelkader EPE 2022
ASRT/td> Children’s Universitys Sporting Mohamed Sharaf More than 20 faculty members from the different schools and departments at E-JUST ECE 2022
British Council: UK – Egypt HE partnerships for Climate Change Renewable Energy Systems Design using Augmented and Virtual Reality (REEDA) Ahmed Saad Khalil University of Glasgow (UK) and American University in Cairo (Egypt) MSE 2022
ASRT Conjugated Microporous Polymers for photocatalytic green hydrogen evolution from water Prof. Kamal Ibrahim Aly, Faculty of Science, Chemistry dept., Assiut University, Egyp Dr. Amal Elsonbaty, Prof. Shiao Wei Kuo (National Sun Yat University, Taiwan), Dr. Mohamed Gamal (Assiut University, Egypt), and Dr. Seham Omran (Ministry of Industry, Egypt). ENV 2022

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