Research office

Research Activities:
  • Paper publications
  • Patents
  • Grants
  • Millionaire Club
  • Awards
  • Industry Relations
  • Research Seminar
Research Office Function:
  • Promoting the university's research and its resulting outcomes and benefits
  • Promoting activities for obtaining the external research fund
  • Provide leadership, direction and administrative oversight for matters related to the research portfolio.
  • Developing action and budget plan for research activities
  • Managing Research Council
  • Monitoring on monthly and quarterly research
  • Following the monthly research report to VP by Schools, Institutes and centers.
  • Build research collaborations and promote industry partnerships
  • Facilitate innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer
  • Oversees and supports research ethics review and approval for research involving human participants, as well as research
  • Legal Entity Representative Appointed to the EU funds and tenders
  • Fixing the rank of International Conference.
  • Approving International Conference attendance for PG students and faculty members.
  • Approving International Conference Post attendance report for PG students and faculty
  • Approving Thesis research protocol for PG students.
  • Approving external research grant submission for faculty members.
  • Approving research report for faculty members to submit to agency.
Research Council:
This council is chaired by the Vice President for Research and consists of the Deans, one academic representative from each school nominated by the Dean and approved by the President, the director of Centers of Excellence, Center of Innovative Technology (CINTEC), Technology Management Department (TMD), ICT Center, representatives of students and Japanese advisors.
  • Directing, supervising, monitoring the performance of the research activities of the University
  • Coordinating research activities of the university within the different schools and with partner universities, research centers and industries
  • Endorsing the budget allocation for the research activities
  • Promoting activities for obtaining the external research fund
  • Directing, supervising and evaluating performance of the offices and centers under the Vice President of Research
  • Approving Millionaire Club members.
  • Approving Inventors Club members.
  • Developing and reviewing related Bylaws and internal regulations
Research Team:
  • Prof. Toshio Fukuda
Vice President for Research, E-JUST
  • Prof. Mohsen Ghali
Deputy, Vice President for Research, E-JUST / Professor of Physics (Quantum Electronics) BAS
  • Ms Shrouk Mahmoud
Senior Administrative Assistant, Vice President for Research Office Legal Entity Appointed Representative for EU Projects (LEAR)

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