The following figure is the history of patents filed by E-JUST researchers.
There are 82 patents filed up to June 2022 among them, 79 are national patents and 3 are USA patents.

E-JUST got the first granted patent in Jan. 2019 since it was established. The patent number is 28928 and was filed in May 2015. And the second granted patent in Jan 2020 .

Inventors club members

1. Prof. Mohsen Ghali : Silver member (21 Patents).
2. Prof. Adel Bedair: Memebr
3. Dr.Ahmed Abdelmalek: Member
4. Prof. Amr Eltawil: Member
5. Prof. Maha Elsabrouty: Member
6. Prof. Mohamed Gebril: Member
7. Prof. Mohsen Khouzami: Member
8. Dr. Hassan Shokry: Member
9. Prof. Mona Gamal: Member
10. Prof. Ahmed Abdel Moneim: Member
11. Prof. Ahmed Allam: Member
12. Prof. Hamdy Abo Ali: Member
13. Prof. Hossam Shalaby: Member
14. Dr. Mohab Hossam: Member
15. Prof. Samy Assal: Member
16. Prof. Ahmed Elmahdy: Member
17. Prof. Ahmed Fath-ElBab: Member
18. Prof. Mohammed Fanni: Member
19. Prof. Marwa Elkady: Member
20. Prof. Ahmed Elshazly: Member

21. Prof. Sameh Nada : Member

22. Dr. Haytham Elsayed : Member

23. Dr. Wael Mahmoud : Member

24. Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Mawgod: Member

25. Dr. Tamer Fawzy Megahed

The followings are patents filed during 2022

There are 10 patents filed by EJUST members in 2022.

Abd EL Halim Osman Saad

Ahmed AbdAllah Abd El Rihem Abd El Geed

Yasser Ashraf Saleh Attia

Dr. Ehab Mahmoud Ahmed

Prof. Ahmed Rashad Fath Elbab

Name of the Invention Inventors Filing Number Filing Date Filing Place
Ti-alloy with excellent mechanical and biological compatibility for balloon expandable stent Dr. Mohamed Gepreel.

Eng. Adam Otabil

EG/P/2022/121 12/01/2022



Fingerprint detection using sustainable source and method of making. 1- Mohsen Ghali

EG/P/2022/250 27/02/2022 EG
Development of a New Versatile Service Robot Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Fanni

Eng/ Ezz El Din Nehad Ahmed Mostafa

EG/P/2022/368 22/03/2022 EG
Converting dark graphene into fluorescent Prof. Mohsen Ghali.

Eng. Prince Agnabono

EG/P/2022/336 15/03/2022 EG
Fluorescence graphene sheets and method Prof. Mohsen Abdelfattah Gali

EG/P/2022/445 12/04/2022 EG
Sustainable production of graphene and method of making Prof. Mohsen Abdelfattah Gali

Aly Hesham Aly

EG/P/2022/477 17/04/2022 EG
Healthy and Comfort white light Lamp and method of making

Prof. Mohsen Abdelfattah Gali

EG/P/2022/449 12/04/2022 EG
Ronri: Logic Educational Device and Game (Model1.1)

Dr. Haytheam Elsayed 868/2021 7/6/2021. EG
Novel superelastic and biomedical Ti-15Nb-3Ta alloy for dental applications and self-expandable stents

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hady Aly Salem Gepreel


Eng. Adam Otabil

EG/P/2022/439 11/04/2022 EG
System and Method for Contactless, Low-Cost, Portable, Medical Lung Condition Diagnosis  

Prof. Ahmed Hazem EL Mahmdy

Prof. Amin Shokry

Prof. Yossef Mohamed Nafe

Toka Osama Yossef Mahmoud UG students

Karim khaled kamal

EG/P/2022/630 10/05/2022


A New Electrodynamic Shaker in the Frequency Band 1~120 Hz Prof. Mohsen Abdel Naeim Hassan

Eng. Mostafa Mohamed Helmy

Hassan Greish (PhD Student)

Dr. Wael Mahmoud Khaireldin

EG/P/2022/911 30/06/2022 Egypt

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